What Knowledgeable Experts Say About The Book:

“Networking Like A Pro is the most comprehensive book I’ve seen on networking—bar none. From beginning to end, Misner and his co-authors divulge networking concepts and strategies which will catapult you from an average networker to a master networker and empower you to achieve greatness in business and life.”
Jack Canfield, co-author of
The Success Principles


“Done well, effective networking is ‘the speed of trust’ in action. No one understands networking like Ivan Misner, so if you want to get the maximum results possible from your networking efforts, you need to read this book—period.”
Stephen M. R Covey, author of The New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller The Speed of Trust


“Wow! This book breaks the mold in professional networking. It’s practical, powerful ideas will accelerate your success in ways you cannot imagine.”
Brian Tracy, chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International


“Dr. Ivan Misner is to networking what Michelangelo is to the Sistine Chapel. So, absolutely everything you’ve ever wanted to know about networking is guaranteed to be discussed in Dr. Misner’s new book, Networking Like A Pro. Save yourself a lifetime of networking trial and error; read this book!”
Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of The Platinum Rule and Hall-of-Fame Keynote Speaker


“The title says it all and this book surely does not disappoint. But don’t take my word for it; read Networking Like A Pro, apply the new knowledge you gain to your networking efforts, and the results you get will speak volumes more than I ever could.”
John Mclelland, CEO of iLearningGlobal


Real Life Results From The Program:

Derek Sutton“I have increased my networking to the point where my revenue has gone up at least 50% while completing this course. It was amazing to uncover the simple steps which helped increase my business and my bottom line tremendously.”
Derek Sutton, Atlanta, Georgia
“I have found myself attending any number of networking events and a large stack of business cards with little prospect value. Participating in the “Networking Like A Pro” training class has been a game changer for my business and as a result, my life…….I have participated in several training sessions during my 30 year career covering a myriad of topics. I cannot think of one which will have a greater, positive impact upon my future than this session.”
Jim Clark, Atlanta, Georgia
Ralph Kirkland“This program shows you how to set your networking goals, accomplish them and become a successful networker.”
Ralph Kirkland, Atlanta, Georgia
Walter Wilson“The results have been fantastic. The year after I completed that program my BNI generated business more than doubled from $15,000 to $36,000. Please bear in mind our average sale is $300. Last year the total was $67,000. Through September of this year my total BNI business is over $67,000 and we still have the last quarter to go. BNI supplies over 60% of my business.”
Walter Willson, Charlotte North Carolina
“Networking Like A Pro Allstars helps bring clarity to your networking efforts.”
Joy Povenz, Atlanta, Georgia
“David Alexander has changed my life. David proceeded to lead a lively discussion about the goose and the golden eggs. It was a turning point in the way I market my business and ask for referrals. The very next day, I got three referrals, and one of them was the person I had named! I could not believe it. Since then, I continue to ask for, and receive, referrals to my referral sources. That has helped me build relationships with several realtors who continue to refer their clients to me.  Talk about a recession buster!  Those referrals are golden!”
Patty Chakales, Asheville, North Carolina