The Networking Like A Pro Allstars program has two options:

Open Enrollment: We offer live sessions scheduled throughout the year at various Georgia and North Carolina locations.

On-site Training: For groups of 10 or more we will bring the program to you. This is a great option for managers to energize team members and equip them with networking tools to increase profitability and reduce cold calls!

Topics covered:

1st Quarter of the NLP Allstars Game
Session 1: Abundance Mindset, Goal Setting, Target Market
Session 2: Become A Knowledgeable Expert, More Referrals From Everyone You Meet, Unique Selling Proposition

2nd Quarter of the NLP Allstars Game
Session 3: Networking Face to Face, Butterfly Effect, 3 Essential Questions
Session 4: Advanced Techniques Including Social Media, Telling Your Company’s Story

3rd Quarter of the NLP Allstars Game
Session 5: Places To Network, Mining For Referrals, Power Of Your Database
Session 6: Building A Credible Network, Myths Of Networking

4th Quarter of the NLP Allstars Game
Session 7: Networking With Style, 10 Ways Others Can Promote You, Secrets of Networking Pros
Session 8: 10 Levels Of A Referral, Referral Process (Triangle), Chief Networking Officer

Post Game
2 Follow up MVP Referral Coaching Phone Calls

Session Length:

The sessions are held in a small classroom environment and last for 2 hours each. The program includes 2 personal referral coaching sessions via phone calls after completion of the classroom sessions. This allows the Trainer to provide each participant with customized coaching and accountability.

Upon request, the 1st Quarter can be taught as a one day workshop for groups of 10 or more.